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Why Life Coaching Works

“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love
and something to hope for.”

~ Joseph Addison

Research (by American Society of Training and Development) says the following about goals:

  • Person consciously identifies a goal they achieve the goal 25% of the time
  • Person decides they will do it they achieve the goal approximately 40% of the time
  • When plan how they will reach the goal, the achievement rate climbs to 50%
  • When they commit to another person that they will reach the goal, the achievement rate goes to 65%
  • But when they have a specific accountability appointment with the person to whom they made the commitment, they are likely to achieve the goal 95% of the time!

All of these elements are present in a coaching relationship.

My Observations

I believe that the powerful movement of coaching has come about for a number of reasons. People are tired of being “labeled” as is required in a therapy situation in order for insurance companies to pay. Therapy is very helpful to people at certain times in their lives. It focuses on emotional pain, faulty logic, dysfunction and psychopathology that interferes with normal functioning. The goal is to return the person to a normal level of functioning. In coaching there is nothing that needs to be “fixed.” The coach listens for the client's “energy hits.” The goal is to help the client go past “normal” to extraordinary. Obstacles and fears that get in the client's way of pursuing their goals are addressed in the coaching relationship.

People want to feel and know that their lives have purpose and meaning. Many people feel that they are very busy, but unfulfilled. Others feel that they are not maintaining a healthy balance between work and home.

There are people for whom coaching is not appropriate. First, people who engage in coaching must want to make changes in their lives. If they do not want to make changes in their lives, coaching is not appropriate. Second, in order for coaching to be successful, a person needs to be able to tolerate being challenged and he or she needs to be willing to be asked and to answer powerful questions. Thus, people whose ego strength is not at a level where they can do this should not engage in coaching.



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