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About Lynn M. Marrs
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"For the past four months I have been a client of Lynn Marrs. During our time together I felt one hundred and twenty five percent confidant that I was working with a highly qualified, effective, and efficient life coach. Mrs. Marrs was very personal, caring, and creative in designing my life coach sessions.

"The highlight of my experience was the relevance of the activities that Lynn chose for me as my “assignments.” Reflecting back on our time together I realize that the activities were personalized to best suit my needs and desires of personal growth. At the end of the activities I frequently had an “aha” experience. Lynn was very good at gently helping me realize possible growth opportunities in my life. The knowledge I gained about myself will help me lead a more happy and successful life. I know that in the future when I feel the need to be challenged for personal growth that I will work with Lynn again. I highly recommend working with Mrs. Marrs if you are interested in increasing value in your life."

~ S.S.


"Lynn is a natural life coach. She is calm, secure, understanding and extraordinarily intuitive. I trusted in her knowledge and wisdom as my life coach so much that I believed that I could meet every challenge she placed in front of me and I did. I recommend her highly for anyone who wants a great life coach."

~ J.L.


"I really appreciate the affirmation and practical tools that she provides. I love her coaching style."

~ C. J.


"Lynn is a great coach. She is very validating, empathetic and compassionate."

~ W.F.


"I have really loved the coaching experience with Lynn . She is a great coach and has helped me to get focused and stay focused in making some changes that I have wanted to make in my life. She asks great questions that really get me to think and challenge me. She is encouraging and highly skilled at helping me realize the answers I have within myself."

~ M.A.



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