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About Lynn M. Marrs
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Parent Coaching

Lynn 's area of specialty is working with parents. She works one-on-one with parents over the telephone or in person at her office or in-home to move you toward your parenting goals and assist you with the family challenges that you face. Some examples of topic areas in which she has assisted parents include chores, respect, homework, developmental tasks, appropriate expectations, cooperation, power struggles, tantrums, peer pressure, effective communication, encouraging independence, confidence and competence, effective communication, appropriate limits and boundaries, the art of self-care, negotiation, listening, encouragement, family time and natural and logical consequences.

Parent coaching:

  • Is a designed alliance that holds the parent as creative, resourceful and whole.
  • Assists parents in building healthy parent-child relationships that lead to more harmonious family functioning and greater satisfaction and joy in family relationships.
  • Identifies specific values and goals for change and is individualized to meet the specific needs of your family.
  • Is strengths-based.
  • Increases your problem solving skills.
  • Improves your ability to “walk in your child's shoes.”
  • Enhances your ability to identify the underlying function/purpose behind your child's behavior so that his or her needs may be met in a proactive rather than reactive manner.
  • Expands the parents' “toolbox” and options for responding to parenting challenges.
  • Expands parenting skills and provides opportunities and encouragement to practice them.
  • Offers feedback, encouragement, guidance and new ways to look at old problems.
  • Provides a safe, caring and professional relationship.
  • Provides resources.
  • Celebrates successes.
  • Is inspirational to parents so they know they are capable and able to tackle the ongoing challenges of parenting in a healthy and appropriate manner.
  • Is helpful in creating balance in a parent's life between the demands and needs of his or her child(ren) and his or her own needs.

Parent coaching can include one or more parents. In a two parent family, even when only one parent is available to engage in parent coaching, change happens within the family. The coaching relationship may include a single consultation for an issue or an on-going multiple session relationship, depending upon the nature of issues involved and what might be most beneficial in order to achieve a more global and sustainable shift in your parenting and family atmosphere.


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