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“Life is a paradise for those who love many things with a passion.”
~ Leo Buscaglia

Have you found your passion? Do you know what your life purpose and mission is? Do you…

  • Want better balance in your life?
  • Want to spend more time with your family?
  • Want to realize a dream?
  • Want to live in alignment with your values?
  • Want to have a clear vision of your passion?
  • Want more play in your life?
  • Want to take more time to enjoy what you have?
  • Want to start the business you've always dreamt about?
  • Want to know and follow your heart's desire?

Fear gets in our way of living fully and keeps us small. It shows up in our lives when we:

  • Live by “shoulds”
  • Are ruled by “have tos”
  • Seek the approval of others
  • Lie to ourselves
  • Judge ourselves
  • Judge others
  • Overindulge
  • Compare ourselves to others
  • Over-exhaust ourselves
  • Ignore our inner voice
  • Deny ourselves enough alone time, and
  • Fail to acknowledge ourselves

I inspire people to reach their personal best by assisting them in gaining clarity about their goals, dreams and passions, and helping them work through barriers, face their fears and develop a plan to meet their goals. We partner together to make sure the tongue in your shoes is in congruence with the tongue in your mouth.

The coaching relationship is one that elicits solutions and strategies from the client, who is creative, resourceful and whole and the expert on their life. Coaching can assist people in dealing with transitions, such as marriage, divorce, parenthood, launching children, career changes, and retirement. It can focus on relationships with family and friends, significant other, and children. It can focus on other areas such as finances, spirituality, health, career, physical environment, fun and recreation, or any area of life where one wants to experience a higher level of satisfaction.

I encourage client self-discovery and hold the client responsible and accountable to their dreams. I encourage individuals to be their best and live in their purpose. My areas of specialty are assisting people in defining their life purpose and mission, working with people in transition (marriage, divorce, career change, having children, launching children, retiring, etc.), working with parents who want a more fulfilling relationship with their children, relationship coaching and working with people who are ready to experience a forgiveness process.

Olympic athletes do not hire coaches because they are bad athletes. They hire coaches because they want to push themselves to be the best they can be and reach farther than they have reached before. People do not hire life coaches because they are “bad” at living and managing their lives. They hire a life coach because they want more satisfaction and joy out of life and they want to live their life by design, not default.




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