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How We Get Started

“Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.”
~ Danny Kaye


Once a person decides to proceed with coaching, we meet for a two hour design session where we literally design our coaching relationship. I get to know the client better by identifying the client's values, dreams and goals and identifying the ways in which the client likes to be challenged. I offer the two hour design session for free if the client hosts a coaching party at their home or work. It gives me an opportunity to share what coaching is about with others and is a way for people to get together and have a fun time together.

Following the design session, coaching sessions are scheduled at regular intervals. Most frequently people do weekly coaching sessions for anywhere from half an hour to an hour. The length of time people are involved in coaching varies depending on their goals. Most people find that in order to create good momentum that sustains the changes they are making in their lives, coaching weekly for a minimum of three months is a good start. It is common for people to come back to coaching as they look towards new goals, challenges and changes they want to make in their lives. Check out our Coaching Packages for options.

Coaching can be done in person or on the telephone. Telephone coaching often works well because it does not require the time and expense involved with traveling to and from an office. It also allows a person to hire a coach based on goodness of fit without the limitations of their geographic location.



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